How To Generate More Customers In Your Legal Shield Business

Generating customers and reps for your Legal Shield business doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. Because lawyers and attorneys are always in high demand, it is relatively easy to strum up business and members for your MLM based business opportunity. Legal Shield is a multi-levelmarketing program that has been around for over 40 years. It was previously known as Prepaid Legal. The service is very simple – members pay a monthly subscription fee and after this they receive access to the member’s area. From this spot they have access to thousands of different lawyer and attorney services in their area, sorted and categorized accordingly.

In addition to having access to the massive listing of lawyers and attorneys in your area, members will also receive major discounts on all the legal services they need. Additionally they will get 1 free phone consultation and one free face-to-face consultation with the lawyer of their choice. They will also receive one free document review and a few other perks. Lawyers join Legal Shield because it greatly expands their client base, and because they will have a higher volume of work they can accept the discounted prices they receive.

Read below to learn the best ways to generate customers and reps for your Legal Shield marketing network:

Target People with Legal Problems

While this may seem a bit unethical, you must remember that marketing is a cutthroat business and your lost customer is another marketer’s $500 paycheck when all is said and done. Because you’re selling a service that offers free or discounted legal services it would make sense to target people that are in need of legal service. People going through divorce, going through a real estate deal, or have trouble with the law are all good candidates for recruiting into the program. Emphasize the fact that they will receive a free phone consultation as well as a free one-on-one consultation with the lawyer or attorney of their choice after they join the program.

Emphasize the Need for Legal Services

Many people may think that creating a will, transferring a deed or selling a piece of property can be done quickly and easily, without the aid of a lawyer or attorney. In reality, virtually everything these days requires a lawyer of some sort, or at least a notary for an official signature. When attempting to recruit people to join Legal Shield you must emphasize the growing need for legal services, and how joining Legal Shield will entitle them to a variety of services they can receive either for free or for a steeply discounted price. Entice people to join by reminding them of the free phone consultation and face-to-face meeting they get with a real lawyer after joining. Also remind them of the free document reading and proofing they will receive. Attracting more customers and reps for your Legal Shield business is easy when you capitalize upon their problems or fears. Target people who are currently in legal trouble, and remind them of the bonuses and incentives they will get.

Secret Tip!

Nowadays people are doubling and tripling their recruiting online and it starts with learning how to be an efficient Internet Marketer.

1. Learn How To Send Traffic To A Website

2. Create a website that captures your traffic name and email

3. Email the people who opt in to your website and share your opportunity over and over…